Chaos Inc. Will Return!

Just a quick update on the status of the Geek Fight Club Chaos Inc. podcast:

We’re still playing the game, and we still play mostly weekly. Until recently, we’ve been using google hangouts to record, and then stripping the audio out of the video file. This has been problematic, due to computer issues and the fact that the game always comes first, so we don’t notice when the computer shuts down until later.

To try and solve this, we’re no longer broadcasting over hangouts and youtube. We may start this again soon, when we ┬áhave a better solution. But we are recording the audio using Audacity, so the quality is better. It’s also easier to tweak the settings for our softer-spoken players.

When the podcast comes back (later this week), it’ll be further along in the story. I’ll try and get a good, quick, recap in there.

I appreciate all of you who are listening, and hope for some uninterrupted hack and slash soon.


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