Bastards of Young Episode 3.5: Echoey and Explodey!

Not actually Ingtar. Found this at

Not actually Ingtar. Found this at

The Bastards count some coin, and join Ingtar on the wagon train to Wheat’s Landing after saying goodbye to George Goblin. The woods are filled with echo, and something terrible happens to a prisoner. Let’s all pretend that the echo in this episode is due to “an outside force”.

Hopefully the last time we have audio this terrible. Released on a Sunday, let’s consider this a bonus episode? It’s a short one, and it’s about as cleaned up as I can get it.  Also, guest appearance by our niece Mallory!

Better audio is coming!  And a new episode this Wednesday!


New Episodes every Wednesday!

Theme Song is “Bastards of Young” by the Replacements, as covered by the Cribs, since Soundcloud doesn’t like me using the Replacements.

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