Delusions of Grandeur Episode 4: Send Gungans, Clones and Money


This week, we cover episodes 5 through 12 of the first season of the Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars. We discuss the growing individuality of Clone Troopers, how the Jedi are starting to lose their way, and how Jar Jar Binks works so much better as a cartoon character in a cartoon setting, than as a cartoon character in a live action setting. Also, Droids! Dooku! The 7-Up Jedi! Mon Calamari in traps!

All this and more!


  • “I have a bad feeling about this…” has been utteredtimes.
  • There have been 6 disturbances in the Force.
  • Wilhelm Screams have been screamed.
  • The number of amputations has risen to 19, of which 4 have been hand/forearms.
  • “May the Force be with you…” has been said times to date, including close variations.

If you’re playing along at home, for next week we’ll be wrapping up season one with:

  • 1.13: Jedi Crash
  • 1.14: Defenders of Peace
  • 1.15: Trespass
  • 1. 16: The Hidden Enemy
  • 1.17: Blue Shadow Virus
  • 1.18: Mystery of a Thousand Moons
  • 1.19: Storm Over Ryloth
  • 1.20: Innocents of Ryloth
  • 1.21: Liberty on Ryloth
  • 1.22: Hostage Crisis

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