American Godscast: Chapter 1

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Joe and Mondo have started reading American Gods. In chapter one, we meet Shadow Moon as he leaves prison to head out into the world and start a new life with his wife, Laura, and return to work.
Spoiler: It’s not going to go exactly the way he thought it would.

Join us weekly as we discuss Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods, as we work our way towards the upcoming cable TV series on Starz in 2017.

You can find us here at AmericanGodscast, on facebook and on twitter @AmGodscast, where you can also reach Mondo @dharmabob and Joe @ohjoey.

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The Evil Corp Podcast Episode 1: Hello Friend

Hello friend. Hello friend? That’s lame. Maybe I should give you a name. But that’s a slippery slope. You’re on the internet, or you’ve downloaded this into your iPod or phone and you’re listening through earbuds or on a bluetooth speaker. Either way, we’re all just 1’s and 0’s out here.

Or something like that.

Mark DiLullo and Mondo Charpentier finally follow through on last year’s idea to do a Mr. Robot podcast.

This week, we bounce all over season one and make connections to the season 2 opener We discuss our theories and opinions on what the fuck happened. Because seriously, what the fuck happened?

Future episodes will run shorter than this one. We had a lot to cover, and we said “fuck format” this week and just put it out there.

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Where are We?

Hey gang!

Yes, it’s been literally forever since we posted a Delusions of Grandeur podcast, or a Not the Show podcast, or a Bastards of Young podcast.

What do you want? We’re slackers.

Okay, that’s only partly true. Due to life and schedule conflicts, Joe and I have not been able to get our collective asses together to do our regular podcasts. We’re hoping to get back on that soon. Very soon. We missed the whole big Force Awakens thing, and the current season of Rebels is winding to it’s conclusion. So, we’d better get on that, huh?

The Bastards of Young have still been playing D&D, and I’ve still got most of the sessions recorded. But between those life and schedule conflict things, it’s hard to find time to edit them down. I’ll find the time. I promise.

In other D&D news, I’ve been working hard on writing and refining the campaign setting for use by you, the people of the internets! Especially since Wizards of the Coast has gone and released their Open Game License. So, as I make stuff for you to use on your tabletops, or in, I’ll be posting about it here.

Here’s to a great (late) start for 2016. We hope you’re still out there, somewhere!


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Chaos Inc. Will Return!

Just a quick update on the status of the Geek Fight Club Chaos Inc. podcast:

We’re still playing the game, and we still play mostly weekly. Until recently, we’ve been using google hangouts to record, and then stripping the audio out of the video file. This has been problematic, due to computer issues and the fact that the game always comes first, so we don’t notice when the computer shuts down until later.

To try and solve this, we’re no longer broadcasting over hangouts and youtube. We may start this again soon, when we  have a better solution. But we are recording the audio using Audacity, so the quality is better. It’s also easier to tweak the settings for our softer-spoken players.

When the podcast comes back (later this week), it’ll be further along in the story. I’ll try and get a good, quick, recap in there.

I appreciate all of you who are listening, and hope for some uninterrupted hack and slash soon.


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Up next on Delusions of Grandeur…

For episode 3 of Delusions of Grandeur: The Star Wars Canon Podcast, we’ll be covering Star Wars: The Clone Wars (the animated movie) and episodes 1-4 of the Clone Wars series. If you’re playing along at home, they’re easily available exclusively through Netflix, unless you buy the betamax versions or whatever it is people without Netflix do. I suppose you could get it from the internets via a torrent or something. But that would be wrong.

star-wars-clone-wars-posterNew episodes released on Sundays! Follow us as we go through the entire “new” established canon leading up to “The Force Awakens”.

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