Revised 5e Ranger: V0.5. Still Not Your Father’s Ranger!

img-18935282353Okay, having stopped the constant IV drip of coffee and taking a couple of days off to do other things, I looked back at the previous version of the Ranger. Way OP’d!

But I felt that I had all the building blocks, just in the wrong place.

I moved the Path of the Skirmisher Features, most of which had been borrowed from the fighter’s standard features, and made them standard for the ranger. This includes the Extra Attack, and the 2nd Fighting Style. These should not have been path features, damn it.

The path features from the Hunter Archetype that I tried to make standard, are now the Path Features for the Path of the Skirmisher. I kept Hold (now Hold Position) as the 17th level Path Feature.

I’m hoping it’s a better build. Certainly more balanced, but is it balanced enough?

Let me know what you think.

Ranger Variant V0.5.pdf

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