The Nowhere Special

A while back, when I had finished the first Othereon module “Lair of the Lightsbane”, and released it on DriveThruRPG, I was nearly finished with the second module “The Lost Temple”. But I was still in the middle of play-testing and making revisions, and I wanted to release a quick batch of short standalone adventures or side-quests. I based them in and around the small town of Nowhere (pronounced Now-here). I called it “The Nowhere Special”. The idea was to bang something out quickly, to keep things moving. That was almost three months ago.

I finally released it today on DriveThruRPG. It’s one of the more complicated things I’ve ever put together, but it’s still fairly simple to run.

It consists of six short adventures. Each one with plenty of opportunity for role-play and/or combat.

NowhereSpecialCoverThe first story is called “The Bone Rider”, in which the party may decide to fight a skeletal horseman who occasionally rides the countryside. I came up with a new creature (two really, but the characters only face one), who is a manifestation of a Restless Spirit. It’s really quick and short.

The second is called “Kobolds on the Move”. It has a lot of opportunity for role-play, and is not as short as the Bone Rider. The party is investigating a group of kobolds that have been moving through the area, thanks to a local farmer who has captured one, and there’s a few ways the story can go. For this, I used two new types of kobold that I had created a while ago for the campaign I’m currently running.


The third story is “Meet the Weasels”, in which the party is invited to a small lord’s manor for brunch, and wind up involved in a encounter with a group of weasels led by the wereweasel, Jorge Stoat. So, yeah, I created a wereweasel.

In the fourth story, “Spiders in the Basement”, the party finds itself defending the Inn of the Gilded Squirrel against an arachnid incursion. This included creating a four floor map of the Gilded Squirrel, and a description of each area. I also created a magic item and a new creature, the “Rabid Gnome”, which had been originally been a throw-away joke creature I used in my regular campaign.

Story five, “Monster Wagon” has the party dealing with the aftermath of a wagon full of (you guessed it) monsters, who escape when the wagon stops in Nowhere to resupply before moving on.

The last story is “Death Troupe” in which the party comes across a mysterious circus wagon as they return to Nowhere from one of their adventures. I created even more monsters for that one, and it’s one of my favorite ideas, even though I’m not entirely happy with the scenario. It has some plot holes, but I’m hoping that a good DM can overlook or rework them to make the adventure a challenge for the players.

I hadn’t been planning on including maps in any of these, but I did. I didn’t plan on rewriting stories and creating new¬†monsters, but I did. I turned a project that should have taken a couple of days into a major module of side-quests. And I loved nearly every minute of it. Even the bad ones.

Anyway, it’s available for a couple of days as a¬†Pay What You Want over at DriveThruRPG. So if you want it cheap or free, now’s the time!

It’s also going to be released as the first set of adventures in the GeekTrash Patreon, so check that out as well. If you like the material, the Patreon will have it all, plus plenty of bonus materials as they come up.

Roll for initiative!

DM Mondo

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